Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smell is always a telltale sign of genuine alligator leather

All Hermes Birkin hides will have a wild, natural pattern to them and often have slight imperfections. These natural imperfections are what make a genuine skin so lively! It's the reason that pound for pound, a synthetic material can never match the appeal of genuine alligator.
So you're out shopping for a new Hermes Belt or purse and you come across something with the unique, colorful appearance of alligator leather. But before you drop your hard-earned money on a new expensive handbag, you should first know how to tell if the alligator leather product you're purchasing is real or fake.
Here are some tips to distinguish real alligator leather from fake alligator leather.A leading luxury brand understands that it is an icon. It stands beyond its competitors and transcends categories by creating a clear space around itself that makes substitution an unacceptable compromise. For instance, if a Hermes Purse is not available, consumers will often feel it is better to delay the purchase or make a completely alternative purchase, than compromise on brand. While this shows the strength of the brand, it may prove to be an uncomfortable strength in 2009 if purchases prove to easy to postpone.Is the finish of the skin shiny or matte? While genuine alligator leather can be finished with a shine, almost all fake alligator leather will have an unnatural shine to it. Does the skin itself look natural? No high end material uses cheap cardboard or plastic backings, and likewise cheap facets. Closely examine the scales, if you recognize obvious patterns it's likely not real.

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