Monday, July 19, 2010

The Hermes Birkin Bag Buying Guide

When you’re in vacation, you have to think and wear light. For your luggage sake and everyone else’s. I promise myself I’ll go light every single time. I just can’t. What, a mother of three can’t pack her high heels for a family vacation? I like to carry my high heels everywhere, at least they’ll have the travel fun if not the wearing fun.
Now let’s get back to our subject here: Marc Jacobs. Designer extraordinaire, model extraordinaire (without clothes only!), Marc is wearing his white shirt and a pair of short pants for a bit of yacht vacation fun. But he doesn’t forget his Hermes Birkin, oh no! The Hermes is a must, just like my packed high heels. What’s your hidden (on not) vacation treasure? (photos via) The Birkin bag came about when Jean Louis Dumas (Chairman and former CEO of Hermes SA) caught the actress Jane Birkin fighting with her straw bag as she was trying to store it in an overhead compartment on a plane. At that point he decided she needed a better bag and he was going to design her one. The idea of the Birkin bag came from the Hermes Haut-Au-Courrois, meaning high belt. The HAC as it is referred to today was used in the late 1800’s to carry riding gear i.e. saddle, riding boots
etc. The measurements for the HAC are quite large so Jean Louis Dumas tweaked them to make the bag more versatile as well as easier to carry and modern. The Birkin bag is produced entirely by one person called a craftsman from beginning to end. The average production time for a bag ranges from 18 hours for a 25cm to up 30 hours for a 40cm.

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