Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poor Katie - or should we even say that?

How is it that Joey Potter evolved to a hunchback/style icon with access all of the top designers and people seem to think that she is revolutionizing the world of fashion? Can we just discuss this. Here at HBD101, we stand firm that we are a medium and not a blog. That said, we do have the artistic and creative license to say what everyone else is thinking, e.g. thatt stir-ups and ballet flats doesn't even look good on Kate Moss, that parading your child around without a coat in the spotlight is just poor parenting and that this $2000+ bag in the manner in which it is currently carried looks like a Coach briefcase circa 1990. Now, that may seem a bit harsh to some of the Weekly or Daily fashion writers but we have been to the same parties you have been at, we hear you whisper in a normal voice, we are plainly aware what you are thinking. We are proud to be the voice of the people and we must say, the voice has spoken.

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