Friday, July 23, 2010

The Hermes Birkin handbag wasn't created in her honour

Princess of Monaco after she was snapped hiding her pregnancy bump from the paparazzi with one. The Kelly bag is synonymous with classic handbag style. it is reproduced in many colourways and fabrics. hermes kelly While a more modern fairy tale comes in the form of ethereal supermodel Jessica Stam for fashion's number one darling Marc Jacobs' Stam bag. Hermes Lindy The Stam however does have a glimmer of ostentatiousness to it with it's oversized gold clasp and it's blingtastic oversized goldy looking chain handle, rendering it already unfashionable, just a few years down the line. It does not reflect Jessica Stam's style and beauty in the way that the other celebrity inspired handbags do. But it is already ironically classic in itself as Marc Jacobs is not afraid to be daringThe Queen herself is rather partial to a Kelly style bag, with it's square structure, small handles, toggled flap and the ability to not fall over when placed on a table. The Hermes Handbags is a bag for life, much longer lasting than one of Tesco's finest bags for life of course and with a price tag that is around 60,000 times more, it jolly well should be. In fact it should go beyond one life and onto your next in-line's life.
Another contender for a celebrity inspired family heirloom is the Hermes Birkin, named after Jane Birkin, an English actress who breathily whispered Oui J'taime to Serge Gainsbourg in their seedy, yet wonderful 1969 musical hit. until 1984 though, when she just happened to be seated on a flight from Paris to London next to Herm├Ęs CEO Jean-Louis Dumas and she told him she could not find a decent leather weekend bag. Then "voila" the Hermes Birkin bag was born. What luck.

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