Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Italy, Hermes Venice is beside Louis Vuitton

In Italy, Hermes Venice is beside Louis Vuitton. While my Hermes collection merely contains a handful of scarves, Twilly’s, and a beautiful bracelet, I am on the hunt for a Birkin. The Hermes store in Venice is quaint, but still packs a big punch. Downstairs are all of the scarves, bracelets, and small goods, while upstairs there was clothing and of course, glorious bags. A lovely SA showed me around and delighted my arm with a Blue Jean Hermes Lindy, which I had a really hard time passing up. The only reason I opted not for the Lindy was for the sheer fact that I am anxiously replica Hermes for a Hermes Blue Jean Birkin with Palladium Hardware. Insert drool here. A handful of Kelly’s were spotted here and there which still made my heart skip a few beats. In the store front window, a breathtaking Hermes Kelly in Orange Swift tantalized every passerby eyes. Hermes handbags, next time I am in Venice, I can walk into Hermes with my own Birkin in hand. Find a Hermes Handbag on sale at

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