Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birkin like some more actress song

The stage of the fashion after many years of harships ablution, this sentence today has become the golden rule. Bag bag for women, like the car for men, heroin addicts, rights for politicians to, filled with the huge magnet. Years of fashion, how ever rage design today has become the "flower", but the classic yesterday. These classical style, not faded fashionable glamour of constant pursuit of all women, is the life of the dream.This paragraph of saddle bags, HERMES was first in order to put the saddle and design. A trip, HERMES boss in the plane of double met Birkin like some more actress song, habitat, she just carry a size larger saddle bags. The move sparked his inspiration, HERMES tailor for her a smaller saddle bags, and directly with her name, let it by the traditional saddle packet turns into all women dream of fashion items.
Kate Moss, sister-in-law, Parker is Birkin zeta Jones, Bag of love, especially Kate Moss, hand-operated Birkin her Bag has nearly ten million

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