Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Hermes Birkin is a safety installed bag.

And so it became popular when people saw her carrying this bag through her trip. Hence the name Hermes Birkin stuck on. The cost of course is very high, reaching over twenty five thousand dollars. The bags have a leather exterior with exotic skins and extra pockets in the inside. The interior of this designer bag is just as smooth as the exterior.
There are a number of legends surrounding this bag.According to one, Jane Birkin was in need of a bigger bag to keep her contents on a plane ride, and the small purse she had was too packed to keep anything else.Since then there has been such a immense rise in the popularity of this beautiful bag that if one wanted one of these Hermes Belt from Hermes, they would have to be on the three year waiting list! And there are no guarantees even! It is such a unique and exclusive bag in fact that sometimes even celebrities need to be on these waiting lists. It has its own security system complete with locks and the key comes in a protective leather case. Another reason for the high price are the 24k gold plated palladium made hardware. Some people who do not like the look of gold can also opt for the silver coated one with various finishes. They are truly the superior trend in fashion and the glory of the Hermes brand is incorporated in this unique designer bag.The Hermes Purse has dimensions of 30cm to 40cm usually but there are the larger travel sizes available. The bag she unloaded her contents into was a Hermes Designer bag.
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