Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hermes one kind of their own unique

In China,2007 年 8 September to 7 October, Hermes will be interpreted in a fashion show, Shanghai Art Museum mm “beautiful dream” scarf Exhibition The large-scale cultural exchange event in the East-West Silk is the tenth anniversary of Hermes into China one of the important activities of celebration. accompanied by a short semi-circular handles, the same as the Crescent Moon; material including various high leather; size diversity, and with the increase of the consumer, various styles and patterns is increasing. 20 century 80s, favorite of the fashion world once decorative style, Hermes is Princess with Yinmonage Hermes,neverfull, named after Grace Kelly “Kelly bag” was rapidly developing. During this period, Hermes other brightly colored leather products, feel comfortable to open Simi scarf, dazzling jewelry and silk ballet style slippers are also favored by the ladies. in the men’s supplies, the Hermes was launched with delicate lining of the leather jacket, twill it casual, dynamic sports jacket, pictorial fancy silk tie, etc.. All products in the Hermes, famous, best-selling comes as exquisite silk. since 1937 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the first scarf Dianqing since the Hermes scarf has been a lot of high society Ms. gift for men gift. Hermes scarf texture China and the United States, there are thin vertical bars. UK Department of the stamps by Queen Elizabeth, scarves, Hermes is a masterpiece. Hermes continue to do it h.
1900, the Hermes provides its customers with a special shoulder strap saddle bag, its unique shape specifically designed for the rider to carry their saddle. World War I broke out, Hermes brothers employed 70 to 80 professional saddle maker, for the French cavalry, ordered the Department of leather, then mass production and development of transport technology to make travel more vigorous demand for leather products. As the custom leather goods and technology particularly notable, so were the French brand Hermes has become the exclusive representative of technology products. Hermes various types of leather are used limited production, hand-made model, was formally named in 1956. The major is designed to: slightly trapezoidal, two-buckle design, the land, Hermes relying on their own strength, with a unique style to create a their own way, to play from where it has the. With respect history and the future enthusiasm, Hermes with superb technology, the relentless pursuit of art, and time alignment, creating a lot of fashion classics. such as 1837 made harness, saddle made in 1879, appeared in 1922, handbag, 1937, manufacturing silk scarves, the 1968 Mini Kelly bag, etc., have become “fashionable” absolute endorsement. The horse started a manufacturing group, a history of glory Five hundred years after inheriting and has continued to maintain with classic and high-quality, who is now a respected senior fashion leather. Hermes order with the perfect quality, are entering Europe, the Americas, Asia fashion territory, determined to become immortal treasures. and to uphold the tradition with its usual the spirit of luxury consumption in the kingdom survive.

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