Thursday, July 8, 2010

A brief history of Hermes

Their designer Hermes handbags escorted the company into the 21st century, while retaining the timeless and classic appreciation for Old-world charm. Hermes opened his shop in 1837, but didn’t stay in one place very long. After making a name for himself at the Paris Exposition in 1855, he repeated the First in Class win at the 1867 Exposition Universelle. Because his harnesses and dressings were in such high demand, coronations were rescheduled in order to await an original Hermes accessory.In 1880, Charles-Emile Hermes took over for his father and moved the shop. The business made a move into retail at this time, and Hermes began providing accessories to the world’s most elite customers. It was not unusual to ship Hermes products to North Africa, Asia, Russia, the Americas, and all over Europe. During this time, the precursor to the first Hermes handbag was designed, but this one was intended to allow a rider to carry his saddle with him.

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