Friday, July 23, 2010

look at me, look at my arm Hermes Handbags

The fashion for designer handbags draped over arms in a display of "look at me, look at my arm candy" wealth has waned in the last few years. With new terminology sprouting from the inner sanctums of fashions fickle mill, such as frugalista, bargainista, make do and mend, reuse and recycle. Designer handbags are not getting the revere they once enjoyed and are almost seen as ostentatious.Hermes Birkin
So, it's wonderful to see the young and beautiful Alexa Chung carrying her Mulberry Alexa bag around with her everywhere. The Mulberry Alexa Hermes Belt has been cannily put together with it's vintage satchel styling, it makes the perfect recessionista choice as it's £695 price tag can be balanced out by it's cost per wear. The Mulberry Alexa sold out as soon as the handbag hit the shops back in January 2010. It's no wonder as it was based on a battered old classic Mulberry man's bag that Alexa had been carrying around and with it's satchel shape, Hermes Purse classic tan hue, versatile long strap and short handles, it is a design classic for sure.

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