Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Qiao vest + cowboy hot pants sauna days on which all the cool

The summer is coming, July is an out, sweat is a pretty good collocation vest and cowboy hot pants make you a cool summer, not only does not suffer also can increase the degree of fashionable,ghd hair straighteners kill two birds with one stone.A simple white vest relaxed and delightful, hole bull-puncher collocation of wind, hot pants beggars match wide leather belt increased administrative levels, and details of the material with ring belt.The condole belt vest is tender pink summer love, collocation of brunet edge hot pants cooperate, make integral collocation is common in the sexy black belt rivet with wildness, black flat along the cap more costly.White tie-dye vest promoted many texture, a narrow flanging with tie-in bull-puncher knickers,Moncler more charming color bracelets and sweet smile is summer collocation of angels.White silk condole belt vest is qualitative sheet is tasted, the collocation of super hole bull-puncher knickers and superfine chatelaine lets whole feels, with big black bag more harmonious.

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