Monday, September 20, 2010

the evening can not return? With me!

Dasey back to Beijing, where to find the house, is dead when she saw a woman in a warehouse, she took up to ask: "grandma, you this house rent?" Granny smiling and say: "young lady, you want to rent a house?" Dasey nodded. "it is 100 dollars!" Granny answered her. Dasey was packing house, saw a long time no see of, don't let others dasey gong, see yourself down angrily to ask: "what are you doing here?" Gong still dressed casually as before, the expression of strange to say: "I see me we!" Dasey was dressed like, have been silent don't talk. Ask: "I hear you're gong went to tsinghua, congratulations!" Dasey's not one of the price, he said: "thank you! What do you do?" Gong not happily say: "my father let me go abroad!" Dasey looked at him coldly, ruthlessly say: "hum! You are the rich kids are so!" Then gong to dasey said: "would you do me a favor?" Dasey doubt ask: "what matter?" Gong would say: "my mother company to do typist?" Dasey immediately angrily say: "you are in sympathy for me?" Explanation: "not gong quickly, my mother company recently, many employees are not benefit, now just short, you will be to help me, okay?" Dasey promise, every day to the same mother, a month to send the salary, 600 yuan for her already very satisfactory. Gong gong to go abroad, before dasey asked him to eat meal.

Gong went abroad, dasey remained every side, now every side of the work class gong month of wages have can reach 2,000 yuan gong, and the mother afraid she ran to her the inconvenient, with a notebook computer, in others seemed to think she is very rich, of course, dasey didn't admit it, nor denies.
In the bedroom has a Mercedes Beijing girl, personality, but never bullying is DiaoMan dasey. Dasey was same as ever stronger, not others learn better than themselves, but this time she met rivals. There was a time, the boy's scores than she, dasey unconvinced total want to more than he. In a review class, dasey thought: the next exam, I must be more than him! At this moment, the teacher asked a question and answer, but because dasey dasey mental problems are not concentrated even don't know what it is, therefore, shook his head. The teacher ask again: "anyone can this problem?" ... Lin actively stood up to answer this question and praised. Dasey hate to think: you think I won't? Are you telling me? Class is over, dasey to intercept the next exam said: "I would more than you!" At present the students feel very surprised. Test scores, dasey and winning the first prize in the transcript, dasey's name, looking for Lin Lin found every performance is zero, she was very angry, and I don't like than you! The girl told dasey dormitory campus in the lake, as she angrily run past say: "what do you mean? What is it?" Lin, just put without speaking, the examination paper handed dasey dasey doubt ask: "how do you have papers?" Lin said: "my aunt is academic..."hermes bags sale Haven't waited him to say that finish dasey interrupted: "you are so rich! No wonder so high grades are time!" Lin in no hurry to explain: "but I have never been used, I have this paper answered, you can take a score!" Dasey was calculated with papers scores than she, she is very high puzzled... Lin suddenly embraced her and said to her: "my love you!" A girl is boy, all her arms in the pride of all have no, so they started dating. Before long they happen every time out, dasey will give money, because the two Lin always have to pay out a man face, time is long, she always give Lin, among them the money also became a very common thingHermes Birkin. Dasey's birthday is coming, dasey fantasize about what gift would send her forest, thought: give him money enough to buy me a diamond necklace or. She would feel happy about!

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