Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to maintain bag

Regardless of any kind of material in the bag, after the clean air in 2007 to shelve the valley of love, don't beg quickly went to sun, with water after scrubbing the bag, the weak, formal low shine, suddenly fade or leather bags will incur harden, brittle. Peggy: collection bags, before receiving the first clean face before the bag and put clean scraps or cotton unlined upper garment, in order to maintain the bag bag, and appearance of soft cotton bags will be put in the ark, and the collection, should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. Plus, because our bags without any two manufacturers, traders, indirect without temporary shelved, so a leather of normal vision. Individual put some lemon, orange peel, tea or ventilation 1-2 day can easily to taste.Whether leather or imitation leather, leather itself as time or use frequency GHD Styler and slowly add natural oils, current do live can effectively outspread bag of life. To live is dry towel dry above the water and sewage cortex, leather, or indirect fire not baked in the sun exposure, LanMiao underwear it will incur leather deformation, dryness and fade. Initiative and measurement using leather clean oil, if do not have, toothpaste can effective plot face besmirch. The first measurement using liquid, should daub is on the bottom of the bag as perhaps the central to test its usefulness. Cloth bag can dry cleaning, perhaps more than bright color stripe, the cloth bag is sure to dry cleaning, otherwise it will fade. Dirty cloth bag can increase the water of detergent with small soft brush, brush lines between the light can be appropriately, and some available iron and ironing what maintains its appearance elegant. Additional, if the bag, can fade fear in clean water to add salt and vinegar will probably about three minutes into packets, and then rinse clean can. This way can effectively avoid fade. This kind of cortex, compared with special smudgy can indirectly brushed off, and rubber soft brush to live along the direction of hair brush screen can. Never casually or spray some oil remaining liquid, lest the famous formed decoloring or color. Light leather (paint) individual with soft cloth is wiped can only. Cold wet wipe decontamination, avoid light using any clean, bright face of plot, dry, shawls, some live on oil.

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