Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The girl dreams of The Horse banquet.pick fashion Rebecca Roe

This year the 23-year-old Rebecca Roe is a living Washington Fort. Lewis girl, her hometown of Fort. Lewis U.S. military base as important usually is brought, this is not a modernGHD Styler city, not busy streets and buildings, but fortunately have is large forests and lakes, so she always in the background, lakes, lying on the grass, walking in the woods or wildflowers path with some forest as the temperament of the fairies.
In English The Clotheshorse refers to buy a lot of love, like The fashionable dress, as a student and fashion blog writing The nickname Rebecca Roe The Horse to The banquet.pick mankind.Now in the Roe Rebecca has a little famous for teenagers, teenvogue neet and network also has interviewed magazine has the temperament of restoring ancient ways is tie-in ace.She likes to Sofia Coppola, like the dress with retro feeling, the Japanese version of the Vogue "fashion director and creative consultant Anna Dello Russo modelling also often brings her inspiration. For her comfortable cloth, beautiful colour is tie-in key elements. Love, love photos, buy love round head shoes Roe often put in the blog Rebecca and dream of restoring the modelling, not too many big no strange clothes, with simple complex beautiful clothes collocation gives special modelling, plus in beautiful natural scenery, her photo has caught everyone's heart.
Almost all the fashion: Vintage, Rebecca is not exceptional also, she come to old scarf, shoes and old outfit is in her next to the collocation of sweet and attractive temperament: Did you know that I stress good practice 10 years, never sleep for a while. I and Master fight, why not to hurt my things to take away! I board the up nor down, just the last ten years have built a sincere, at this moment I feel just how much I cried ah! This is a very happy tears of Health, to write more happy tears dry matter how much you want for how muchHermes Birkin, if God protect our dependents, who are not stolen, can not afford to scare other, as if working for me (in the past are being scared) I am pleased this time will certainly become a Buddha! So tightly grasped piece of God! First recognized, and then into management, is executive Gordon finally shut me up, the owner will never be their own masters, only on no less than.

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