Thursday, September 23, 2010

a poor attitude of my clothes to try

"Don't fall", to compare the many people who buys love, is convinced that now, not only the madness of e-commerce, online el joyfully and hypostatic store tags, than a fitting clothes and goes over the Internet, to each note to scour baby.
The shop sells and even "peek-a-boo, many users would choose reliable online stores and ," as a new brand clothing, listed by purchasing can also get 7 fold price ". This is the 26-year-old sun for a long time to do "copy number".
"In the way" in the BBS wandering in the net and share their experiences: "I try always is in store trying on clothes pants entity, to the same brand shop online, online is usually buys contains all the six percent. Didn't feel any quality problem.
The king in deep, friend miss xu joined the "copy number". Recently, miss hsu incredibly still buy on the net to open a refrigerator.
Don't worry about whether the quality of home appliance, miss hsu is passing, said: "I chose a good reputation in the shop. I talked online and shops, go directly to the warehouse, they immediately send. And repair, maintenance is directly by the manufacturer, and in the shop are the same." This refrigerator in certain activities during the electronics stores 6780 price is $500 yuan, return, or I cash coupons. But online stores price is $5200, within the scope of delivery is free, Beijing will save 10,800,000 yuan.
"This refrigerator I spent two months, won't have a problem." Miss xu said: "return for cash coupon $500. BesidesHermes Birkin, I have no need for refrigerator, I acquire other appliances. If voucher to buy other appliances, I still have to add more money, aeriform in money.
Not every time, but many are cheerful buys "copy" finally, assign the shop.
The king also frequently deep in the early buys. She had to wait for gladness of clothes, although by sb's web site "assured" that "acceptable counters," but get inspection of inferior clothes reproductions. Despite setbacks, but the king deep, because still buys price is much cheaper than hypostatic store, and most stores service is very patient.

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