Wednesday, October 13, 2010

words and fonts are relatively narrow space woman

Likes fashionable MM know already dark, purchasing, can you not drips to store bought LV bag, can the price of chanel you have opportunity to temporarily in Europe, but if that buysHermes Birkin blood will save a lot of sb. Online on behalf buy to peek touched, you should know how to distinguish the cylons base big bag of false. Coach is must be attached to the Coach, dustproof bag for no reason, a see. Coach kao chi handbags identification to face: 1. The comparison of leather brand is usually hand sewing. Coco chanel. 2. The skin (cloth) take skin (cloth) between seam made important thin and continue to do not have new off-line Cain. 3 zipper fluency. 4 zipper take between 5 to completely sewn if is bought Monogram series about the size and proportion of female characters arrangement. PS: dustproof bag is a book will add, if not sent word to shop is forgotten or stock is on the 2nd, if the Coach refers to the number of the Factory workers do. Tao yi Vuitton depend Vuitton depend Vuitton handbags recognition points: grain: depend, is made with Vuitton printing the canvas plus the burning resistance and materials, the appearance of wen tao line special significantly. And the origin of the false Vuitton depend more different, some of the material of the ocean, big herve leger department with poor rubber, and made the luminosity draw, appearance, the concave-convex feeling greatly weak astringent. Material: light leather Vuitton (depend blue or brown), and false material is quite the light leather L.V. is made of plastic, so soft. Car line: genuine car line makings is darker, specially firm wax quantity, therefore thou make very durable. Fake cars with light color, lines of general cotton thread, HERMES, because love MaShi official website renewal and fits easily. Printing: early 1960s Vuitton (printing) depend, that green, brown with a recent. Depend on both sides of the early Vuitton printing, but recent criterion for different order uniform. False Vuitton depend more deep-brown color printing unluckily, while others are shallow brownMoncler, and it can be said on both sides for printing.

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