Sunday, October 24, 2010

can feel the shoulder high side lower side

Once went to a chemist's shop to buy medicine, ZhangChunYan saw have accounting weight, and went up by the said that his half month unexpectedly gained five kilograms. "Oh, no!" ZhangChunYan almost shriek. Soon she was found himself wrong, she still take a large bag. Put the package to say, should have 4 kilograms!
She does not deny himself on big package, fashionable personage love big Hermes Birkinpackage, and the bigger the better, but for the problem came out back. Just started just feel unwell, shoulder to acid tired, slowly waist sour tired, and also some arm hemp feeling. Then, can feel the shoulder high side lower side. This did not ZhangChunYan. A unit of organization, the annual physical examination, the doctor found ZhangChunYan spine, and lateral bending has warned her to pack "decompression," this continues, spine health problems will emerge.
The doctor's words and not bluffing, PengJuan deeply understands. PengJuan 25 years old, is engaged in secretarial work, because of her long working at his desk, muir said had cervical disease, every hospital do get physiotherapy. But this time, symptoms than ever before, many seem heavy shoulders, but also follow ache, lumbar back when single shoulder bag is more obvious symptoms. Later, PengJuan to a hospital doing physical therapy and waist, neck and shoulder contain large single into small bag, until symptoms improved.Hermes Birkin Back pack in spinal deformationBig and heavy bag by evil, is more and more. Recently, there is an 18-year-old university to hospital. When the examination, the doctor found the shoulder high, ranging from both significantly more obvious bending parts of the waist to one side, the pelvis and bent over to one side. According to the patient reports, she also did not know, since when walking, posture, but his odd what also don't know where is wrong. Until the friend asked her how her waist was bent only aware of the problem is serious.The normal physiology, no defect development, also didn't lumbar disease... Physiological pathology, doctors all the factors are analyzed. But denied, the most reasonable explanation for this patient often students back very heavy bag, resulted in the spine.

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