Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is the quality of the material that determines the price of the handbag

Luxury delicate handbags has become the wedding leave, the heart of the site with its hectic bride to pack some small things, and emergency fine gauze become perfect partner handbag, make the bride more gorgeous!
Chunks of imitation gem appears as honey colored, orange and red, according to the pattern of Persian styleHermes Birkin, colour also together into a whole, the whole bag as a great stones, which reflects the burnish like fire. But gem polishing for all round, the overall modelling also feel warm and full of circular arc form, magic, so exquisite luxuriant has surpassed the accessories, and become a piece of jewelry. Another blue and red gems evening gowns packet relative calm, but luxuriant degree unabated, pomegranate red, white, indigo, blackish green moonlight and golden frame together, extremely royal demeanor, for the Byzantine empire.

We love PS1, stylist is constantly, new materials and new colors, new style -- are concentrated in the hand bag and hand bag, with details of the design, plus super eye-catching colour, little green fluorescence yellow, it was just like the bright light bulb darkness. Don't worry, they don't hold this color, but after it with a chuckling to hit a big star.

Looks like a museum exhibits, but you can buy the handbags home! Dior Samourai 1947 series as real art, inspiration from Japanese samurai armor, its unique knitting gimmick and hawk-bills framework is absolutely incomparableHermes Birkin , even tags and pictures of Louis xvi. Don't think of this bag is too theatricalize Dior proved it completely, can match the daily fashion, may not be suitable for every back to work, but is definitely important occasions lets you choose to shine. Three paragraphs, green and purple blossoms in the most eye-catching, but also quite elegant and brown will scatter appreciation. Details,

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