Sunday, October 17, 2010

the essential appliance of maitaining shoes are shoe brush

high heels are ladies' necessary shoes daily life. for some ladies, wearing high heels is their request everyday. so the maintain high heels can not be ignored. here let me give you some advices of taking good care of high-heeled Hermes Birkinshoes,hope these meticulous suggestions will help you.

the essential appliance of maitaining shoes are shoe brush, cleaning oil, shoe polish, cloth, waterproof atomizing etc. the best shoe brush is horsehair brush, and prepare at least two brushes, bigger one for brushing shoes entirety and the smaller one for brushing detail.

1、when bigger brush cleans whole herve legershoe, the point is whether dirt tainted with the outshot of shoe edges are cleaned.

2、the concave-convex of shoes outshot and joint are used smaller brush to clean carefully.

3、loosen the shoelace, and then using smaller brush to clean up the dirt cannt be saw clear from outshot.

4、crush a little of cleaning oil om the cloth and coat over the upper. here the point is clean up the vestigital of used shoe cream.

5、using another cloth with little shoe polish over whole shoe.

6、after shoe polish over the wholeMoncler shoe, polishing whole shoe with neat soft cloth, careful the details.

7、finally spurt water proof and fog proof, which not only prevent warter smite, also difficult of dirt.

8、after the water dry, and then put shoe tree into shoes.

honeys pay attention on these suggestion of protecting Christian Louboutin high-heels shoes.

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