Sunday, November 7, 2010

other for a multi purpose use and a zipper one

button on it. The bottom has a rounded corner shape but the corners are also coated with the same material as the upper corners, but with a diagonal stitched.

The walls of the Louis Vuitton handbag have been stitched in the three sides so that this model is flat. The handles are attached on the Hermes Birkintop center along with the opening so that the pleats are in the middle of them. The removable and adjustable straps will be respectively attached on the eyelets which are in the corners, but you can find them inside the handbag.
It has been said, and probably by a man, that a woman's handbag reflects her mind! This is rather worrying. While my three children were young, my bulging hand bag was full of an assortment of strange things. Wet wipes, a piece of lego, half a biscuit, hair bands and that is before we go into all the usual paraphernalia of purse, mobile phone, make-up bag, hair brush, nail file, diary. No wonder my shoulder ached by the end of the day.

Hand bags come in all shapes and sizes and are purchased for many different reasons. Although I cannot entirely agree with the idea of herve leger a handbag and its contents reflecting a woman's mind, I do think you can tell a lot about a woman's personality from the hand bag she chooses.

If your bag is elegant, understated, chic and neutral in colour, you are probably very "international" in your dress and approach to life. You are probably calm and unflappable and take a pride in looking smart yet comfortable. You probably work in the hospitality industry.

The above is very generalised and someHermes Purse people may have a tendency to more than one personality type. It can be quite useful to identify your style personality, as it can explain why you buy certain items and how you can accessorize outfits with bags simply and easily.

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