Thursday, November 11, 2010

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It's worth checking the small print on any other policies you might have as chances are, you can probably cover your handbag for much cheaper by including it in an existing policy. If you are considering getting insurance cover for your handbag there are plenty of companies who will happily take your money, but maybe it's worth saving your cash for your next big shopping trip instead.

On the whole if you stay safe and don't leave your bag unattended it is unlikely to come to any harm, so think carefully before making what could be an expensive decision.
Women's handbags are very trendy, the style changes often and so does the color choices. A red handbag is very popular right now. It may not be popular six months from now, but today it is very popular.

There are driving forces behind trends and styles, some of those forces are very obvious, like the spring and fall fashion shows.

They have an unusual history. Initially they were used by men. They were more like luggage, than a bag. Women adopted carrying these bags in the eighteenth century. These initial bags were purely Hermes Birkinfunctional. So function was the first driving force behind handbag styles.

By the early nineteenth century women's clothing options had expanded and so did the styles of the handbags they carried. The handbags of this error were more frivolous like the clothing of the flappers of the nineteen twenties. The handbags became smaller and gave up some function for style. They matched the outfits of the user perfectly.

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