Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We all love a big Bag of 20 Icon classic

What is the Icon Bag? It is through the time of each brand style, it is the classic inspection big best-known star product, is the space with infinite appreciation, but collect curiosa symbol core brand spirit. Every year, the international big Bag Icon will launch the evolution, is perhaps the material, perhaps is the pattern or color, but deep affections image must be able to let you play nothing out of its name. Today, let us turn of massiness, look at these textbooks fashion is expensive, the hottest had the bag, and how to bring us what kind of surprise!
In 1955, Coco Chanel 2 months with a landmark bag design shocked the fashion circle, it's 2.55. As fashionable pioneer Chanel, ms keenly aware that the women in the family to juggle career and dual responsibility, especially frequently travel, traditional hand bag has not adapt when needed. Therefore, she bold introduce aglet design, will this past applies only to military backpacks or women with large bike concierge member duffel Hermes Birkin bag for women, the details of handbags, create a new fashion. Since then, the alchemist's bag longing for all women, become fashionable women dream for one sheet is tasted.This innovation was caused great Chanel, ms launched two styles of small sheep: single-ticket design, and the collocation of silk gown or knitted fabric style. This kind of knitted fabrics for men, but only ever had been in use Chanel in 1910 to female fashion. With the design MingXian rhombus lattice by horse and rider inspired this coat, rhombus case grain design with v perfume, camellia, pearl necklace and black skirt, become the eternal Chanel brand mark. Not only beautiful, but also 2.55 handbags are very practical, exquisite bags can be placed inside dark lipstick, manual carefully lining and showily appearance mutual reflect, achieve inside and outside all beautiful realm.After 50 years of changes, new chanel 2.55 for its classical design firmly holds Icon Bag status, every brand will launch a series of July 30 new style. Karl Lagerfeld since 1983 Chanel 2.55 for capturing the design infuse continuously fresh element, 2005, "announced" strictly according to the original design, the original ms Chanel 2.55 unveiled a bag containing the 50th anniversary of the birth and commemorative 2.55 caused hyperinflation of Fans. In the last year, "the Art of Chanel flow (Mobile Art)" city tour by a famous designer in Art and design of space style Zaha Hadid were displayed in David, including Daniel Buren Levinthal etc 15 international well-known artists to 2.55 for inspiration to create all kinds of works, both 2.55 outspread, high style also like Japanese artist waste by using wood that bind the human 2.55 classic chain, avant-garde unearthing Chanel 2.55 elegant image more possibility behind.Chanel 2.55 is so big, but it's design is elegant, innovative spirit, its delicate work is a constant. Each of the birth of 2.55 6 to need 15 workers l8 hours, after 180 processes. Finished by the quality control department to complete inspection, testing, inspection strictly all attachments, color and abrasion resistance stitches. After the weather to high-tech LABS, accept the extreme heat, moist environment test, to ensure that every purse all can different regional temperatures. Vanity is 60 degrees in temperature, humidity, 95 percent of the room 72 hours. Then check leather uv resistance, rupture and waterproof functions, the test within the industry in luxury, but never abandon Chanel. The test will be awarded the quality of handbags, certificate and card, packaging and carefully packed -- including paper to finalize the design, metal chain for themselves in a pack. Finally, according to the shape of the purse in the black box, classical Chanel to diffuse center, transported to the world, 50% of the style inn is black, and use different leather production.Jacqueline Kennedy, Kirsten Dunst, Taylor, experience, Mischa Barton cheung? The owner of the 2.55 is a long string of stars, the name and socialite has only one. Chanel 2.55 recently, launched the new spring and summer 2009, whether the little pink sheepskin, gradient Lesage hand studio sequins drape, or black and white tweed, all show 2.55 enduring, romantic timeless classic charm.

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